Tech CTF

Middle and High School Focused Capture The Flag Event


12:00 AM Sunday 4/22 - 11:59 PM Saturday 4/28

What is Tech CTF?

The Tech CTF is an international Capture The Flag event aimed towards teaching computer science to our younger generation. If you’re going to make a living in defense, you have to think like the offense.

Participants will learn Cryptography, Programming, Research, and Cyber Trail. All a participate needs is a computer, patience, and problem solving skills.


Cryptography is essential in Computer Security. Most of us encounter it every day without even knowing it. Every time you visit a website and see 'https' in the URL, you are on an encrypted site that ensures your connection is safe. Without cryptography, much of the important data transferred today on the web and computer network would be in plain text that would allow anyone to read traffic.


Whether you are just being introduced to the computer security field, or already experienced, research is key. The internet is a useful gift flowing with information. From beginners to experts, they all research information to learn or check information.

Cyber Trail

You often create a trail of data while using the Internet. This includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.

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